PreSonus Eris E4.5 4.5" Powered Studio Monitors

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Sound you can trust.

When you’re serious about creating music, you need studio monitors that will speak nothing but the truth. Eris® E4.5 studio monitors deliver a smooth and accurate frequency response so they reveal what’s really in your tracks and mixes. They also offer a suite of acoustic tuning controls to let you adjust their response for the acoustics of your room. The result: Eris monitors ensure you hear everything accurately so you can produce your best work.

Woofers that deliver a cleaner overall sound.

Every Eris-series studio monitor utilizes a woven composite, low-frequency driver. The weave and nature of the Eris E4.5’s 4.5-inch woofer result in a more constant dispersion pattern throughout the frequency range, resulting in less time-smeared audio and cleaner overall sound.

Smooth high end and wide sweet spot.

Each Eris monitor is equipped with a silk dome tweeter that produces a smooth and refined sound, accurately reproducing transients and high frequencies. The tweeter is designed to radiate sound with a fairly wide dispersion pattern, creating a large optimal listening area or “sweet spot” so you can move around and still hear everything accurately.

Connect to virtually any line-level source.

With three different types of audio inputs, it’s easy to feed audio to your Eris monitors from a mixer, an interface, a media player, or almost any other line-level source. The Eris E4.5 is equipped with stereo ¼”, 1/8”, and RCA inputs. With this selection, you’ll have no problem hooking your Eris speakers up with virtually any line-level source, including your smartphone. The Eris E4.5s are also equipped with a headphone amplifier so you can check your mix on your favorite headphones or quickly cut an overdub without repatching cables.

Tech Specs

  • Powered:Yes

  • Power Configuration:Stereo

  • LF Driver Size:4.5"

  • LF Driver Type:Woven Composite

  • HF Driver Size:1"

  • HF Driver Type:Dome

  • Total Power:50W Class AB (25W per speaker)

  • Frequency Range:70Hz-22kHz

  • Crossover Frequency:2.8kHz

  • Maximum Peak SPL:100 dB

  • Input Types:1 x 1/4" TRS, 1 x 1/8" TS (aux in), 1 x Dual RCA Stereo

  • Output Types:1 x 1/8" (headphones)

  • Features:Low cut (80Hz, 100Hz), Over temperature protection, RF interference protection, Mid and High frequency boost/cut

  • Enclosure Type:Ported

  • Enclosure Material:Vinyl laminated, medium-density fiberboard

  • Height:9.45"

  • Width:6.42"

  • Depth:7.09"

  • Weight:13 lbs.

  • Manufacturer Part Number:E4.5