Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Leitz Music, we get lots of questions daily about many different things!  However, we do get a lot of the same questions.    Here's some quick answers for you to the most commonly asked questions:


Q: Do you buy or trade used stringed instruments?
A: Yes, we buy in or take on trade used stringed instruments, effects pedals, and amps.  Please contact our stores directly for more detailed information on the process.

Q: Why can't I add the Gibson guitar I want to buy to my cart?
A: Gibson USA values product integrity and requires most dealers to have direct contact with the customer when selling them a guitar.  You can still do the order through our website, But Gibson requires us to add the item to cart and generate the order for you.

Q: I am not buying a Gibson guitar, but the item I want to get has no ADD TO CART button
A: Items that don't have this button have limited availability, contact us or come by the store to purchase the item.

Q: Do you repair instruments?
A: Yes!  We offer a wide variety of services on stringed instruments. Please call us directly for more information about what repairs we do: 850-549-3283
We DO NOT repair wind instruments, we recommend Schmidt's Music in downtown Pensacola.

Q: Do you repair electronics and amps?
A:  No, we're not set up and tooled to do electronics and amp repairs.

Q: Do you buy or take in used pianos?
A: No. While we do sell digital pianos and keyboards, we do not deal in traditional pianos. 

Q: Where are you located?
A:  We have 2 store locations on the Florida Gulf Coast.  One in Northern Pensacola, and the other in Downtown Panama City, FL.    

Q: Are you located in Panama?
A: No, we're located in the state of Florida, in the United States of America

Q: I live outside the United State of America, why am I not able to order certain items.
A: There are a few different reasons for this, the main reason being that our dealership agreement with most manufacturers doesn't allow us to export outside the united states.  Other reasons may include export compliance that doesn't allow certain woods to be shipped internationally, or your country may be embargoed from importing certain electronics.

Q:  What is your return policy?
A:  We have a very robust and common return policy amongst music store, to see it in detail visit this link: