Kepma Acoustiflex Go Pickup System



The New Kepma Acoustifex GO…Now add studio quality effects to your favorite guitar

Imagine sitting in your living room with your favorite acoustic guitar and hearing stunning reverbs, delay and chorus without being plugged into an amp… that’s exactly what the new Kepma AcoustiFex GO system gives you. The Kepma AcoustiFex GO is a pickup, preamp and effects system you can put on your favorite acoustic to enhance your tone and mix in studio-quality effects, all without the need for external amplification.

And, when you need to plug in, the AcoustiFex GO gives you an amazing sounding magnetic pickup AND an onboard condenser microphone with a blend control… PLUS you get all the available effects and controls right at your fingertips.


The new Kepma AcoustiFex GO gives you the ability to mix in a room or hall reverb PLUS a delay or chorus effect without the need for external amplification. It has been said by many pro songwriters that the sound they get from the Kepma AcoustiFex GO adds a new level of inspiration for them in the “heat” of the creative process that provides additional jet fuel for their process. And why wouldn’t it? The Kepma AcoustiFex GO gives you a whole new sound perspective on what a pure acoustic should sound like.


The beauty of the new Kepma AcoustiFex GO system is that you can temporarily install it on any guitar, or do a quick permanent install — everything you need is included. The AcoustiFex GO Owners Guide gives you detailed instructions on the process for both, so either way you’ll be jamming with amazing effects and tone in mere seconds. And without major surgery to your instrument.