This is a JHS Bonsai 9-way Screamer-style Overdrive Pedal.

JHS Bonsai 9-way Screamer-style Overdrive Pedal

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  • Overdrive pedal that packs 9 classic overdrives into a single housing
  • Replicates 4 decades' worth of pedals using analog circuitry
  • Boasts the exact same components as the source units
  • Dial in the perfect sound with Volume, Tone, and Drive controls
  • True bypass switching preserves your tone when the pedal is off
  • Ruggedly built and handwired pedal
  • OD1 (1977) A brighter and somewhat higher gain mode that doesn't utilize the Tone knob
  • TS808 (1979) The classic low-gain grind with the signature mid-bump
  • TS9 (1982) Similar to the TS808, but with a brighter, SRV-style sound
  • MSL (1985) The "metal" version produces a higher-gain sound with more low end
  • TS10 (1986) Replicates the bluesy low-gain sound popularized by John Mayer
  • XR (1989) Duplicates the Polish-made EXAR OD1, known for its unique drive character and slightly higher gain
  • TS7 (1999) The late-'90s overdrive with a "hot mode" that yields more gain and low-end dirt
  • Keeley (2002) Robert Keeley’s classic Mod+ that tightens up your tone and gives you less noise, along with smoother mids and highs and increased bass
  • JHS (2008) JHS's "Strong Mod" that gives you a cleaner sound with a serious power boost